Apocalypse Stoppers

Blurb for Apocalypse Stoppers

Meet Team 197: a group of twelve-year-old Apocalypse Stoppers.

Joshua-Gabe Monk – The human leader of the team.

Billie Cline – A snarky ghost.

Kora Zood – An alien who can move things with her mind.

Meck – The prince of the Underwater Kingdom.

To them, saving the world is just another day on the job. However, during their last mission to save the Underwater Kingdom, they find themselves tangled in a mystery. Someone has tampered with an aquatic space serpent’s egg and if it hatches, the Earth will be in unimaginable peril. It doesn’t help that the Ocean King is suddenly brainwashed and unaware that his kingdom is in danger.

Told though linked short stories, Team 197 is investigating the egg and the brainwashed king while learning more about themselves-and who to trust-in the process.

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