Monthly Poem or Short Story

Every* month I will share a poem or short story that isn’t part of a book.

(Sometimes the whole story/poem will be there and other times it won’t fit so you’ll have to click a link)

*Due to some ongoing medical issues that have come up, I have not replaced the story in this section since late 2022. I hope to resume adding a monthly story sometime in middle or late 2023.

“Try Your Luck”

fantasy flash fiction

195 words

“Try your luck!” With a toothless the old woman offered a putrid green potion.

Her reflection in the mirror didn’t change  and she found her smile fading.

“Oh come, on Reflectia,” the old woman grummbled. “You’re still not mad at me, are you? We need to perfect this sales pitch if we ever want to get out of this smelly village.”

Her reflection swirled until a demon wth skin the hue of a fresh bruise was glaring at her.

“Reflectia!” The old woman gleefully clasped her hands on the potion bottle. “You came back!”

Reflectia crossed her arms. “I won’t help you. You sold my ruby necklace.”

“To get us old of the ringleader’s debt,” the old woman exclaimed.

“And look where that landed us,” Reflectia shook her head. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be your business partner anymore. Goodbye.”

“Wait,” the old woman shouted, but the a crack formed in the mirror. Her only friend was gone forever. She looked at the green potion, which would either put her in a sleeping spell or give her luck.

“I have nothing to lose,” the old woman said. “Might as well try my luck.” 

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